Stuart Harrison

Full Stack Web & Game Developer with a Passion for Interaction Design

Hi there! I'm Stuart and I create web applications these days. A complete Geek with a love for technology, music and board games amongst many things. However, my whole word changed on December 25th, 1997. I unwrapped my first ever games console at the tender age of 6. A Nintendo 64 and from then on, I knew I wanted to create games for the rest of my life like Goldeneye & Super Mario 64. Instead, I found myself creating beautiful and inspirational websites. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, dreams do come true if you work hard enough.

  C# Developer

Having worked with BASIC, VB and JAVA in the past – I have found my home with C# since 2009. I have a vast knowledge in the .NET Framework and more recently, .NET Core Framework. Whilst I primarily work with ASP.NET MVC & Web Forms, I have built many applications over the years including console applications, windows services, Microsoft Office extensions and even Desktop applications with WPF & Win Forms.

  Web Development

Whilst I primarily work with ASP.NET MVC web applications, I’m a full stack developer with knowledge and experience in working with SPA applications using HTML, CSS, Javascript and frameworks like Angular and React. I have also worked with many web frameworks in the past including Bootstrap, Bulma and Material Design to create elegant, beautiful and responsive websites.

  Rest Service Development

We live in the world of the web and consumer API’s to grab data from sources. I believe in a coding your function once and therefore love how we can create these services that can be consumed by any device or app without duplicating your code! I’ve been working with API’s since University and have written services from basic PHP request scripts to full blown RESTful services.

More recently though, I've been exploring the world of GraphQL and have moved on to creating powerful backend services for web apps to consume.

  Game Development

As an aspiring game developer, I’ve worked on multiple different styles of games from Text RPG’s to FPS games over the many years of development using engines such as Gamemaker and Unity. I also have experience writing AI Opponents for trading card styled games.

  Database Management

I have had extensive experience over the years working & managing large sets of data – including flight databases, banking & portfolio data and world-wide client/company compliance data. I have knowledge in both writing SQL and in creating well structed database tables using correct nominal forms.

  Azure Functions & Cloud Services

Azure functions allow you to build small independent functions that can be ran or called by other services/applications to help with the development process. They are great for creating interactivity with other API’s or web services. I have created several functions that are used for applications that are on a world-wide scale.

  Design & Project Management (Agile)

I enjoy learning and being part of all stages of the development lifecycle. As a result, I have gained invaluable knowledge in project management – including agile best practises and have experience creating wireframes, storyboards and software design documentation.

YuGiOh Card Battles Image

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Battles (Unity/Mobile)

This game was written to support my dissertation work at GCU looking into how we can replace Micro Transactions with Smart Toys. Cards would have QRCodes written on them and would scan into the game. Written in Unity C# with a PHP Rest Service in the background for handling database access. Features including logins, game stats, card scanning and playable AI opponent are all within the game.

Car DTC Scanner Image

Car DTC Scanner (Android)

Originally written as a Coursework project for my 'Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing' module at GCU. This will connect to any cars ECU through the diagnostics port onboard most vehicles to retrieve 'Live Data' and any stored 'Trouble Codes'. Written in Java using Android Studio - it uses a Bluetooth connection to an ELM327 Adapter, which can be commonly bought on Amazon. As a car guy from a car family, this is still easily one of my favourite projects to date!

Happy Fathers Day Project Image

Happy Fathers Day (Gameboy)

The original Gameboy still holds a special place in my heart. Me and my dad spent many hours playing Mario, Zelda and even Pokémon Blue together on my original black & white display Gameboy. As a present for Father’s Day and to cure my own curiosity on how games were contained on such small cartridges - I learned how to develop & port a game to run on original GB hardware.


Pong! (PSX)

My first venture in the world of developing games on older generation consoles. As my passion for programming is from this era of gaming, I have often wondered what challenges were involved with developing games using such limited system resources.

Project Sonaris Image

Project Sonaris (Unity)

Inspired by one of my favourite board games - Deck box Dungeons by Ariah Studios. This procedurally generated dungeon crawler is a simplistic take on the DnD experience and provides a way for multiple players to engage in short story driven campaigns that can be typically finished within a few hours. Written in Unity with C# to run on Desktop & Mobile devices.

Alexandra Layla Designs Screenshot

Alexandra Layla Designs (Web)

Collaboration work with Alexandra Layla Designs to take her website design & storyboard and produce a responsive website to display her work. Written using HTML5, CSS3 and AngularJS to add interactivity.

I'm currently employed full-time as a `Development Team Lead` with Save & Invest, UK in the heart of Glasgow. However, if you would like to reach out to me to discuss anything - feel free to email me or use the social media links provided.